Are you interested in becoming a travel nurse? Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive from nurses looking to travel while doing what they love.

What are the requirements for becoming a travel nurse?

Requirements include graduating from an accredited healthcare program, at least 12 consecutive months of experience, and references.

How do I become a travel nurse?

As long as you meet the requirements, becoming a traveling nurse is simple. Simply apply and wait for one of our healthcare recruiters to reach out.

Where will I be assigned?

The choice is up to you! We have options available in all 50 states.

How will I choose an assignment?

You will work closely with one of our healthcare recruiters to find the perfect assignment for you. After they get to know you, they will provide numerous opportunities based on your goals, expectations, and location preferences. All the research about each position is done for you, so you’ll have all the information necessary to make an informed decision.

Are there application fees or long-term contract commitments?

No. The application process is completely free – as well as confidential. Any terms you agree to are limited to the assignment's length, which typically lasts 13 weeks. These contracts can often be renewed if you have a desire to stay longer.

What will the facility be like?

You will usually be in a hospital setting of various sizes.

When will I start?

You will typically be able to start your new assignment within weeks of applying. The main determining factors include making sure your license is current and readiness of documents. Rest assured that we will help you get everything ready by your start date.

Will travel nursing affect my resume?

Travel nursing will be a huge added benefit to your resume as it shows that you are easily able to adapt while still being dedicated to your position as a nurse. Healthcare professionals have great respect for travel nurses.

What do I do after completing my assignment?

You will usually have an opportunity to stay longer. You can accept the offer, go home, or apply for another traveling nurse position.

Am I eligible for any benefits as a traveling nurse?

Yes. When you work with Innovent Global, we offer a benefits package that includes medical, dental, vision, and life insurance, as well as a 401(k) and supplemental plans.

How do I handle housing during my assignment?

If you would like, we can assist you with finding housing during your travel nurse assignment. You will be offered a generous per diem, which can be used for housing.

Can my family and pets travel with me?

Yes. Your housing options are entirely up to you. Just be aware that pets can often mean a higher deposit.

Can I take time off after an assignment?

Yes. Take as much time as you need and come back when you’re ready to resume the search.

Would it be possible to find a location with a friend or family member?

Yes. If you wish to complete an assignment with a friend or family member who is also a travel nurse, we will do our best to find a facility for both of you.

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