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It’s really quite easy, you just need to apply! Once we receive your application, one of our healthcare recruiters will reach out to you to work with you in defining your skill set and desired location.

You must be a graduate of an accredited healthcare professional program and have a minimum of 12 consecutive months of experience. References are also required.

The great thing about travel nursing is it demonstrates a unique level of flexibility, dedication and ability to adapt to a variety of situations. The travel healthcare industry is well respected by healthcare professionals. If you seek a permanent position after working as a travel nurse, your resume will be vastly strengthened by your experience as a travel nurse.

No. Applying is free and confidential. The terms of contracts are limited to the length of the assignment that you agree to accept. Generally speaking, contracts last 13 weeks. Many times, contracts will be renewed as long as you are still interested in working at the facility. It’s all up to you!

We offer assignments in all 50 states across most nursing specialties. You can work in almost any location you desire!

Assignments are primarily in hospital settings. The size of the facility can vary from a large teaching hospital to a small community facility.

Once you have submitted your application and are contacted by one of our healthcare recruiters, they will spend some time on the phone with you getting to know you, your assignment expectations, career goals and desired destinations. We will then present you with some travel opportunities that match your specifications. We will provide you with details on pay, facility, unit, shift and location. You choose the job that you are most interested in and your recruiter will guide you through the process helping you to prepare.

You can start your first assignment within a matter of weeks. The readiness of your documentation and whether or not your license is current for the state in which you will be practicing are the main drivers in how quickly you can start working. Our healthcare recruiters and credentialing team will work with you to ensure that your paperwork and credentials are ready by your start date.

We offer our traveling nurses a very aggressive benefit package which is effective the 1st of the month following your date of hire. We offer medical, dental, vision, life, various supplemental insurance plans and 401K.

Travel nurses are offered a generous per diem which can be used to pay for housing and other incidentals. We are always happy to assist our traveling nurses in locating suitable housing within close proximity to their assignment.

Yes. You choose your housing options. Just keep in mind that some facilities, if they accept pets, may require an additional deposit for pets.

Often times, the facility that you are working with will give you the option of extending your assignment. You are free to accept the extension, apply for another assignment or return home.