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April Social Media Roundup | Make That Dream a Reality

April Social Media Roundup | Make That Dream a Reality

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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there are 3,059,800 nurse jobs in the nation. At Innovent Global, we can help you find the right job that matches your skills and talent. Call us today at (866) 998-8556 to speak to a recruiter! 

How does $500 on your day off sound to you? If you are looking to increase your earning potential without affecting your schedule, Innovent Global has Per Diem nursing jobs that are right for you! Visit our website to apply today!

Travel nursing demonstrates a unique level of flexibility, dedication, and the ability to adapt to various situations. The traveling healthcare industry is well respected by healthcare professionals, and if you seek a permanent position after working as a travel nurse, your resume with be strengthened by your travel nurse experience!

Want to bring your furry friend with you when you travel? With Innovent Global, you choose your housing options! Call (866).998.8556 to apply today!

We pride ourselves on being fair and rewarding to our healthcare individuals at all times. Our product is people, and we recruit the elite, hire the best, and reward our clients and professionals with a personal touch of honesty and reliability that can’t be matched.

Our recruiters will go above and beyond to find the perfect position for you in the ideal place. A happy nurse is a successful nurse! Contact one of our excellent healthcare recruiters today at (866) 998-8556.

What’s your dream location? Travel nursing takes you to your dream location! All you have to do is reach out, and we can get you placed in the perfect position! Give us a call at (866).998.8556 to get started! 

Your loyalty and satisfaction are our number one priority. Providing you with the benefits you deserve is key to building a long-lasting relationship with each of our travel nurses.

Your dream job is one click away! If you want to become a travel nurse, you need to apply. Once we have your application, one of our exceptional recruiters will reach out. We can get you placed in the perfect position just by calling (866).998.8556.

Hospitals work with recruitment agencies to find skilled nurses to fill short-term assignments and provide excellent patient care. If you're ready to become a travel nurse, contact us today at (866) 998-8556 to learn what we can do for you! 

Are you always looking for new opportunities in your field? What if we told you that becoming a travel nurse is a great way to travel and earn more money? For information or to apply, call or visit our website!

We believe in honesty and integrity at Innovent Global Inc! Our awesome team of recruiters will do everything they can to find the right location, the right facility, and the right shift for you! 

#Tip: Night shifts can feel like an eternity, especially when you're a travel nurse. It can be hard to stay alert when you're in a different time zone. If you're struggling to get enough shut-eye during the day, you might want to try blackout drapes. Or wear earplugs to drown out daytime noises! 

Cities offer plenty of excitement when it comes to art, entertainment, sports, and dining possibilities! At Innovent Global Inc, we have plenty of job opportunities available in major cities like Los Angeles & more! Visit our website today for a quick job search! 

We love rewarding our healthcare individuals! Our loyalty program is our way of showing appreciation for all the hard work you do. To learn more about us and our program, please give us a call today at (866) 998-8556. 

Here at Innovent Global, we offer assignments in all 50 states across most nursing specialties! You can work in almost any location you desire! Contact our office by calling (866).998.8556 or visiting our website.

Innovent Global has become a trusted name with acute care hospitals to rely on talented, experienced, professional nurses and allied professionals. You can count on our professional nurses and allied professionals to have superior customer service around the clock to ensure all their clients’ needs are surpassed.

While energy drinks may give you that much-need boost during your night shift, it's also packed with harmful additives that aren't good for you. If you're about to face a 12-hour shift, here are some healthier alternatives to energy drinks:

If you were given a choice to work in any state, where would you choose? Innovent Global is here to make that dream come true! Visit our website and apply to work in a hospital in the state of your dreams!

The demand for nursing is at an all-time high, especially in heavily populated states like New York, Texas, California, and more! See what opportunities are available by visiting our website today.

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