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May Social Media Roundup | Pursuing Your Dreams

May Social Media Roundup | Pursuing Your Dreams

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Interested in making a change? We work with all nursing applicants looking for a new opportunity or simple change in career direction.

Build your resume and increase your marketability by working with Innovent as a Travel Nurse for a while!

Travel Nurses benefit from the flexibility that comes with working for a short time in different places. Call Innovent Global today to speak with a recruiter: 866.998.8556.

Today we celebrate National Nurse’s Day! We are so grateful every day for the wonderful nurses we work with here at Innovent Global.

Pick your choice: Miami, Las Vegas, or San Diego? These three amazing locations are just a few examples of locations that our nurses pursue their dreams!

Adding travel nursing to your resume demonstrates a great deal of flexibility and ability to adapt to a variety of circumstances! Show your dedication to nursing and visit our website for more information!

Which would you choose: Travel nursing, per diem nursing, or permanent nursing position? The choice is yours! Visit our website for more information on how Innovent Global can turn your nursing goals into a reality.

What’s stopping you from applying to be a travel nurse? Visit our website to fill out an application and one of our healthcare recruiters will reach out to you!

Looking to work in a new and exciting location? From skiing in Colorado to soaking up the sun in Miami, we have a place for you! At Innovent Global, we work with travel nurses to place them in hospitals across the United States!

Not everyone can handle being a nurse. If you’ve made it to this post, then chances are you’re ready to change your career for the better! Begin your journey with travel nursing and visit our website to apply!

When travel nursing brings you to life in paradise! Here’s our travel nurse on a fishing charter with a huge crevalle jack fish! This could be you! With Innovent Global, our travel nurse brought his family along for their first time in Florida! They’ve enjoyed multiple trips to Disney and Legoland for quality family time. Visit our website at to apply!

Are you a nurse looking for a change that will boost your motivation? Call 866.998.8556 to be a part of our team and placed into some of the best nursing jobs around the country!  

Even as a travel nurse, working with Innovent Global means access to many of the same benefits if you were a permanent employee at a healthcare facility. Visit our website to apply!

When you’ve found the right career path, you know. Develop a meaningful career path with Innovent Global. Call 866.998.556 to speak with one of our travel nurse recruiters!

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity! Contact Us Today! (866) 998-8556

Portland, Maine, captured in all its beauty by one of our multitalented travel nurses! Could you imagine living in such a photographic city? Turn that dream into a reality and apply at today!

Travel nursing is one of the most rewarding careers out there! Call (866) 998-8556 to speak with one of our travel nurse recruiters!

Many of our travel nurses decide to stay at their desired location for a more permanent nursing job. Visit to learn more!

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