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February Social Media Roundup | Spreading the Love!

February Social Media Roundup | Spreading the Love!

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Let our recruiters help you take your nursing career to a new level! Speak with Innovent Global today: 866.998.8556.

Besides the proper education and experience, you should have references if you are interested in becoming a travel nurse.

The great thing about travel nursing is it demonstrates a unique level of flexibility, dedication and ability to adapt to a variety of situations.

It’s free and confidential to apply to our available jobs at!

Build up your resume by becoming a travel nurse! You will gain experience, not only in nursing, but also in being flexible and determined.

With more than 20 years of staffing and healthcare experience, Innovent Global has become a national leader in healthcare staffing. Call us today to become part of our team: 866.998.8556.

North Carolina has a little bit of everything – mountains, the beach, the city, the country, and more! We have a lot of positions available in the Tar Heel State. What part of North Carolina would you want to work in?

What’s your specialty? We have jobs available for everyone. Call us today to speak with a recruiter: 866.998.8556.

Starting Travel Nursing isn’t that complicated! You can start your first assignment within a matter of weeks. Our healthcare recruiters and credentialing team will work with you to ensure that your paperwork and credentials are ready by your start date.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit nurses have very big responsibilities that involve, not only saving babies’ lives, but reassuring family members during extremely hard times.

Innovent recruits and attracts top healthcare professionals for travel, per diem, and permanent placement opportunities all across the US. Call us today to speak with a recruiter: 866.998.8556.

What is your specialty? Nurses must choose a specialty that they are passionate about so that they can provide the best care possible.

We offer travel nurses positions in a range of specialties and settings like large hospitals or small community facilities.

What East Coast state would you want to relocate to? We have hundreds of jobs available for travel nurses and even some permanent positions! Call us to speak with a recruiter and learn more: 866.998.8556.

While about 60 percent of nurses work in hospitals, others work in ambulatory healthcare services such as doctor’s offices, outpatient care centers, nursing homes and residential care communities, government agencies, and in educational services.

Like this if you love a Nurse! We believe in the strength and power that Nurses have. They truly are the backbone of the medical industry.

Innovent Global wants to help you land a Nursing job that is your perfect fit. Call us today to speak to a recruiter: 866.998.8556.

Where is your hometown? We have incredible Travel Nurse opportunities across the US, from Washington State to South Florida!

Travel nurses are offered a generous per diem which can be used to pay for housing and other incidentals. We are always happy to assist our traveling nurses in locating suitable housing within close proximity to their assignment.

Looking for a simple change in career direction? Whether you want to see a new city or a change of pace, Innovent Global’s recruiters can help: 866.998.8556.

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