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October Social Media Roundup | New Seasons Are Ahead!

October Social Media Roundup | New Seasons Are Ahead!

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Make a difference around the country by becoming a travel nurse today! 

#InnoventGlobal is committed to helping you find the best travel nursing job in America! From per diem positions to permanent ones, we'll find a job that matches your experience and skill set. Contact us today to speak to a recruiter! 

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Ready for a career change? Then you might want to consider becoming a travel nurse! It's the perfect career for those who love adventure and saving lives. 

While energy drinks may give you that much-need boost during your night shift, it's also packed harmful additives that aren't good for you. If you're about to face a 12-hour shift, here are some healthier alternatives to energy drinks:

Do you have experience in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU)? Would you like to become a travel nurse? If you just said yes, then head on over to today! We have ICU positions available across the country! 

As a dialysis travel nurse, you can work anywhere —  at a private practice, hospital, community health center, dialysis center, or nursing home! When you work with Innovent Global, you can work anywhere in the United States. To learn more about us, please visit today! 

Are you thinking about travel nursing but you're not sure which field is right for you? Then explore our specialties with a #InnoventGlobal Recruiter today. They'll help you find the right field for your skills! 

If you could teleport anywhere in the world right now, where would you go? Let us know by leaving a comment below. 

Start your exciting NEW career path today! If you always dreamed of becoming a travel nurse, then contact our Innovent Global team today! Our team will guide you through the process and help you find your dream job. 

There are new opportunities available in the Lone Star State! Contact us today at 866-998-8556 for more information about jobs in Texas. 

Innovent Global is committed to helping you find the best travel nursing jobs, per diem nursing jobs, and permanent nursing jobs across the USA. See what we can do for you by visiting our website today. 

Have you seen all 50 states? How many states have you been to? #InnoventGlobalInc

Boston is beautiful this time of year! If you're thinking about taking a travel nurse assignment soon, you might want to consider this beautiful New England city. Boston features world-renowned medical and research facilities too! 

Where would you go if it was completely paid for? Leave your answers below!point_down

If you're looking for a stable job that provides plenty of value, flexibility, and opportunity, look no further than travel nursing! It's a great way to add experience to your resume and travel across the country. Contact us today at (866) 998-8556 to learn more about travel nursing! 

The demand for nursing is at an all-time high, especially for heavily populated states like New York, Texas, California, and more! See what opportunities are available by visiting our website today. 

As a travel nurse, you'll learn not only professional skills but life skills as well. What's the best advice you ever received during your time as a travel nurse? 

Technically, Halloween is tomorrow but we know plenty of people who are celebrating today! If you're wearing a spooky costume we would love to see it. #HappyHalloween

What’s the biggest perk of being a traveling nurse? The traveling, of course! If you have an adventurous spirit and a passion for traveling, then you're going to love becoming a travel nurse. See how you can become one today by visiting our website:!
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