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August Social Media Roundup | How Does $500 on Your Day Off Sound?

August Social Media Roundup | How Does $500 on Your Day Off Sound?

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Join our team, and you'll be part of something special. We pride ourselves on being fair, always rewarding healthcare professionals with the best opportunities for hire in their field - no matter what region or city they want to work!

Innovent Global is a company that specializes in placing qualified individuals into the perfect permanent nursing position. Whether you are looking for staff nurses or executive-level professionals, we can help plan out your career and get closer to achieving those goals! Call (866).998.8556 to get started today!

Innovent's Global is proud to provide you with all of the benefits that are available for employees. We understand how important it can be when caring for patients, knowing our team will always have your back! Visit our website to learn more!

Here at Innovent Global, we can find quality positions for travel nurses anywhere in the U.S.! Click the link to browse your favorite city and find a position you are looking for!

Have you been looking for a change in your life? If so, don't worry! Innovent Global can help. With our team of experts and state-of-the-art technology system, we will find the perfect nursing job that meets all of your needs with benefits to match them perfectly. Call or visit our website to apply today!

Applying through Innovent global is free and confidential! Our contract terms are limited to the length of the assignment that you agree to accept. Most contracts last 13 weeks, and many times they are renewed as long as you are still interested in working at the facility! The choice is yours! Call (866).998.8556 to get started today.

Innovent Global is a company that specializes in placing qualified individuals into permanent positions. All our recruiters are former nurses whose experience allows them to understand the needs and requirements for this career path like no other business! Whether you want staff or executive-level nursing jobs - we can help make your dreams come true today! Just call (866).998.8556 or visit our website to get started!

Build a network as a travel nurse! You’ll have the opportunity to meet permanent staff and fellow travel nurses at the hospitals you work in to help expand your professional network. Your professional network can help you in career advancement and professional support! Start your travel nursing career today by calling (866).998.8556 and speaking with one of our recruiters.

Did you know you can still have benefits as a travel nurse that was placed through Innovent Global? We offer benefits through BCBS, so no matter where you end up, you will have coverage! Don’t wait to apply! Benefits are effective the first of the month on your date of hire!

Healthcare professionals appreciate the unique level of flexibility, dedication, and adaptability required to work as a travel nurse. Your resume will be strengthened by your time spent working in this profession if you seek permanent employment after completing training or obtaining other certifications! Get your travel nursing career started by calling (866).998.8556!

Our recruiters will go above and beyond to find the perfect position for you in the ideal place. A happy nurse is a successful nurse! Contact one of our excellent healthcare recruiters today at (866) 998-8556.

The resume with travel nursing on it shows that you're versatile, reliable, and dedicated to your career! Get more information on how Innovent Global can help you get the travel nursing job of your dreams by visiting our website:

It’s your chance to get paid to see the country, hone your clinical skills, advance your career and make a difference. If that sounds good to you, it’s time to give travel nursing with Innovent Global a try!

Explore 2,000+ travel nursing jobs in all 50 states! Innovent Global can help you achieve the career goals you’re chasing. Just call (866).998.8556 to talk with one of our recruiters today to get started!

Why travel nursing? Enjoy the great benefits of nursing with the added value of the change of scenery and the opportunity to learn from new people in new places! Start your journey with Innovent Global!

How does $500 on your day off sound? If you are looking to increase your earning potential without affecting your schedule, Innovent Global has Per Diem nursing jobs with flexible hours and high pay that are right for you! Just call (866).998.8556 to get started today!

When working with a recruiter like Innovent Global, you can rest assured that you will find a travel nursing job that is perfect for your schedule and in your ideal location! Start working within weeks and start your journey by calling (866).998.8556.

Apply to be part of the Innovent team and get placed into some of the best nursing jobs around the country today! Click the link to apply and learn more about the comprehensive benefits package that we offer to our nurses!

Whether you’re looking to soak up the sun on a California beach, ski in Colorado, or enjoy the city life in New York City, Innovent Global will make your travel nursing dreams a reality! Just call (866).998.8556 to talk with our team or apply on our website!

If you’re a qualified nurse looking for a change of scenery, travel nursing is the perfect option for you! Innovent Global offers you the opportunity to find a nursing position in a location you love while also being able to take advantage of our comprehensive benefits package and having the peace of mind that our team will take care of you!  

Are you ready to take your nursing career to the next level? Apply today to be part of our innovative team and be placed into some of the best jobs around the country! 

Discover your nursing potential and start a new journey while doing what you love. Apply with us today!

Yes, we got it all! And the best part? We're just a click away. Don't forget to visit us at for more information about all the perks! 

California? Colorado? New Mexico? You only need to choose! Don't lose the opportunity to be part of a nationwide team of extraordinary people like you! Let's make your travel dreams come true. 

Suppose you're seeking a permanent position after working as a travel nurse. In that case, your resume will be vastly strengthened by your experience as a travel nurse, demonstrating a unique level of flexibility, adaptability, and dedication!


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