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Top Tips for First-Time Traveling Nurses

Top Tips for First-Time Traveling Nurses

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You’ve landed your first travel nursing assignment – great news!! Now what?  Your new adventure is just a few weeks away. You have years of nursing experience and are 100% confident in your abilities as a nurse and healthcare professional…. But what about everything else? Insurance, packing, loneliness, new city? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered!  Take a look at a few tips from our dedicated, super-cool and knowledgeable recruiters!

Keep it light, ya’ll. We all have that friend (girls, this is us) that packs his or her car/SUV with a closet-full of shoes, the same t-shirt in every color and the prized-possession – a bathroom full of beauty products. Don’t be that person. As a traveling nurse, you’ll be on assignment for about 13 weeks. Think about what you need and what you’ll miss over that time period. Know what your new housing will be equipped with and bring the important stuff.  All other necessities can be purchased upon arrival.

Be a Tourist in Your New Hood
Once you have unpacked, start exploring your new neighborhood. Meet your neighbors and ask about the local dog parks, places to walk/run or that taco truck you’ve been hearing so much about. Mmmm. Don’t be afraid to ask the clerk at a local gas station or grocery store the best eateries, gyms or shops. People love sharing their favorite hot spots.

Recruiter Love
Definitely stay in contact with your recruiter. Aside from being a team of bad-to-the-bone, funny as heck professionals, we want to ensure you have a positive experience. We’re here to help! Shoot a text or email once per week and let us know about the good, the bad and the uhhhh other great experiences you are having!

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