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March Social Media Roundup | A Year of Going Above and Beyond

March Social Media Roundup | A Year of Going Above and Beyond

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Tennessee is the place to be for music lovers and nature enthusiasts. We have so many incredible opportunities for Nurses in Nashville, Chattanooga, and more!

We pride ourselves to be fair and rewarding to our healthcare individuals at all times who join our team. Our product is people, and we recruit the elite, hire the best, and reward our clients and professionals with a personal touch of honesty and reliability that cannot be matched.

We LOVE Nurses! Share this post with a Nurse you love to say thank you for being a real-life superhero!

We love hearing stories like this one about our recruiters. If you’re ready for a change, call Innovent Global today: 866.998.8556.

Travel Nurses are in high demand so working with Innovent Global is a secure and long-term career plan!

From staff nurse to nursing executive, we can help you plan your nursing career and help you reach the next level in your career goals.

Is your best friend a nurse too? Your recruiter from Innovent Global can get you and your best friend an assignment at the same place so you can travel the country with them!

In working with Innovent Global, Inc., you will enjoy many of the same benefits that you would if you were a permanent employee at a healthcare facility. We offer our nurses a comprehensive benefit package to give you a peace of mind to know that while you are taking care of your patients, we are taking care of you.

What city is close to your heart? Travel Nursing can give you the opportunity to fall in love with a new area which may become your permanent home.

It's been over one full year since this tragedy began and our world's nurses stepped up, reminding everyone that they are heroes. Thank you to them all and let's continue to appreciate nurses as they save lives every day in their careers!

Visit our website today to learn more about what Innovent Global does for travel nurses across the US. Browse our current job openings and request to speak with a recruiter to start a new chapter in your career today!

In 1923, the Yale Nursing School was founded, becoming the first independent nursing school in the United States, and accepted men and women.

How old were you when you decided it was your dream to become a nurse and save lives?

Our recruiters will go above and beyond to find the perfect position for you in the perfect place. A happy nurse is a successful nurse!

We build long-term relationships with our Nurses, so they know we always have their back. Leave us a review on Facebook or Google to help other Nurses know who to turn to when they’re looking for placement.

Are you an ICU Nurse looking for a new position in a new facility, city, or even state? Innovent Global recruiters can help you find the perfect role: 866.998.8556.

Have you found your perfect pair of shoes for those long shifts? The average nurse walks around 5 miles per shift where the average person only walks 2.5 miles in the same amount of time.

Often times, the facility that you are working with as a travel nurse will give you the option of extending your assignment. You are free to accept the extension, apply for another assignment, or return home!

There are only about 61,000 licensed nurses in Colorado, which has a population of 5.7 million. Join them and help with their shortage! Speak with a recruiter today: 866.998.8556.

An annual survey has named nursing as the highest-trusted profession for over 15 years in a row. Nurses are viewed as having high ethical and honesty standards by 85% of the public who took the survey!

Are you a nurse looking for a more exciting position? Innovent Global wants to help nurses love their jobs, so call us today to speak with a recruiter: 866.998.8556.

Do you prefer to work in a hospital setting or an office setting? Only 3 out of 5 nurses work in a hospital!

It's our mission to pair excellent nurses with excellent facilities in order to improve healthcare and help those who make it their life's work to save lives!

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