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Love Where You Live – Tips for Traveling Nurses

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As a traveling nurse, loving where you live can make or break your experience. Whether you are a traveling nurse newby or a seasoned veteran, here are some tips on how to make your traveling nurse experience great!
  • Get in the Know! Learn about your new city before you pack up.  Get online and find the local farmers market, grocery store(s), gym, hospitals and everything you need to feel comfortable. Every city or town has unique hot spots whether it be a microbrewery or a waterpark. Find these cool places and upon arrival, drive around and get lost in your new city. 
  • Friend Me! Make new friends in your new city. Whether you enjoy volunteer work, the gym, wine club or dog parks, get yourself out there. A shared passion to help the needy or frolicking with Fido are easy conversation starters
  • Work It!  As a traveling nurse, your work environment may be constantly changing. It’s important to learn about your new hospital or institution. Find out about upcoming volunteer events, 5K walks or extracurricular activities.  Learn about your environment and don’t by shy – ask a coworker for a friendly walk at lunch and settle in!

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